Little Lambs Closet is a community event!  We are so grateful for our fantastic volunteers who help at each sale!  This help is CRUCIAL to maintaining an efficient, successful sale.  If the Little Lambs Closet is a benefit to you and your family, please consider giving 3 hours of your time to help.  Find a friend to help at the same shift with you!  



SHOP EARLY !  The presale held on Thursday, March 17, is for our volunteers and consignors only.  The more you participate, the earlier you get into the pre-sale. The pre-sale is your opportunity to shop before the general public.







Requirements for Volunteers


In order to participate as a volunteer with Little Lambs Closet, you must agree to the following guidelines in this agreement. Please understand that these guidelines have been created in an effort to maintain a high quality sale that meets the needs of our community.


* If you are not consigning, you will need to open a non-consigning worker account : Non-consigning Volunteer Account


* If you are consigning, log in with your consignor ID # and password and sign-up for a shift :  VOLUNTEER


* Volunteers must be age 16 or older.


* Volunteers may NOT bring children with them to volunteer shifts.  PLEASE NOTE: If volunteers bring children, we will have no choice but to ask that they make arrangements for their child to be picked up within 30 minutes in order to receive volunteer credit for that shift, or else they will need to re-schedule to a different shift when they can come without children.


*Nursing mothers may bring wearable babies.


* Little Lambs Closet needs every assigned volunteer in order to run the sale smoothly and efficiently. In an effort to ensure the quality of the sale by retaining a sufficient number of volunteers, Little Lambs Closet requires that volunteers fulfill their assigned 3-hour shift. If a teammate does not cancel their shift before the deadline has passed, they are obligated to fulfill their shift or choose one of the options below.

        1. Send a suitable replacement on their behalf. If the substitute fulfills the shift, the teammate will still receive their early shopping privileges and will not receive any penalties toward choosing a shift at future events.

        2. Email us at to switch to a different, available shift. Shift availability may be limited. If we are able to find another shift for you and you fulfill that entire shift, you will receive your full early shopping privileges and will not receive any penalties toward joining the team at future events.


 * Our team positions are very popular and very sought-after. By choosing a shift, you are holding a valuable spot & opportunity. For this reason, in the event a volunteer does not fulfill that shift, or send a suitable replacement, you will lose your early shopping privileges and will be placed on a Prohibited List.


* Volunteers who have not fulfilled a shift in the past and were placed on the Prohibited List may be reinstated as a potential volunteer by paying a $30 cash deposit. Once the deposit is paid, the consignor will be cleared from their prohibited status and be allowed to sign-up for a shift at the upcoming sale. Once they fulfill that shift, the $30 will be fully refunded. If that shift is not fulfilled at that upcoming sale, the $30 is forfeited and the consignor will be placed on the Prohibited List again. This deposit helps us verify that the consignor is dependable and trustworthy to hold a valuable team position again.


* Volunteers understand that they are choosing to exchange their 3-hour shift time helping at Little Lambs Closet solely for the privilege of early shopping during the designated presale night.


* Volunteers must be on time and fulfill their entire shift in order to reap the benefits of being a part of the LLC community!




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